June 18, 2020

Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC, Leading the way in PPLA and PPA Solutions

When it comes to Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) and Private Placement Annuity (PPA), the firm that supports you must be one you trust implicitly. It’s […]
March 12, 2020
Coronavirus and Wealth Protection-BW

The Early Lessons of Coronavirus and Wealth Protection

Clients need advisors who can lead them through these troubled times. It is abundantly clear that most of us have little understanding how the coronavirus will […]
January 7, 2020

Doing Well by Doing Good, Redux: The S-Corporation Charitable Remainder Trust Stock Bailout – A Real Philanthropic Opportunity for the S-Corporation Shareholder via use of Shareholder Option Design

by: Steven A. Horowitz, JD MBA A recent article posits that the rules regarding the contribution of S-Corporation stock must change because of the fact that […]
January 7, 2020
life insurance private placement

Private Company, Private Equity and VC and Non-Bankable Business Assets and Real Estate Interests in Private Placement Variable Life Insurance Policies

With regard to the use of a Private Placement Variable Life Insurance to own privately held business interests of the insured, I have set forth a […]
December 17, 2019

Unlocking Client Gatekeepers

By Bradley A. Barros, James H. Jordan and Steven A. Horowitz, Esq. Overcoming objections from a client’s CPA or attorney is part and parcel of a […]
December 17, 2019

Financed Life Insurance—the Emperor Has No Clothes

Today, with over 20 trillion of dollars of life insurance in force, sales presentations have morphed into highly complex illustrations, which has made it nearly impossible […]
December 17, 2019
money black and white

Eight Best Practices for Financed Life Insurance

Financing is best achieved when the client can afford to pay cash. Financed life insurance policies are oft-prescribed but little understood vehicles that can have catastrophic […]
December 17, 2019
private risk

Private Placement Group Variable Annuity Contracts – A Market Overview for Tax-Exempt and Foreign Investors

Originally published in Journal of Taxation of Investments – Winter 2012. This article provides an overview of the use of the private placement group variable deferred […]
December 17, 2019
private risk 2

Frozen Cash Value Life Insurance – A sophisticated tax planning solution for ultra-high-net-worth taxpayers

Originally published in Trusts & Estates/Wealthmanagement.com – July 2012. Frozen cash value (FCV) is best known as a private placement flexible premium variable adjustable (universal) life […]