Greg Barton

Greg Barton, President

Barton CPA


greg barton

This CPA likes his lattes steamed and frothed, not stirred, and prefers to sip them while gazing out of his office window at the spectacular mountains which literally takes up his entire view.  With over 30 years of CPA experience under his belt, this fourth-generation Californian takes pride in his expertise in business start-ups and expansions, while also using his vast understanding of tax code and tax laws to take care of his individual clients. “It’s a great day when I and the barton team save a client a lot of money,” says Greg. “We like to focus on the “P” in CPA and remind ourselves that is proudly stands for “Public” accountant. We are here to serve the public and here to serve our clients.

While enjoying being the #1 Dad to his two daughters, he and his partner in crime, Dee Dee, also have a shared passion for giving back to the community, with a focus on Educational Advocacy, Human Rights, LGBT rights and homeless issues. A high point for Greg each year is the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, where he gets to celebrate LGBT friends and family (his daughter is part of the LGBT community), and party like a rock star at 9:30 in the morning.

You would think that our bespeckled leader could be found hunched over his desk with a green visor and account books littering his steel and glass desk, but that is far from the reality of his colorful shirts, fashionable footwear and his love of practical jokes.  Stop by and enjoy a laugh, or follow him on Twitter @taxes007.