When it comes to Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) and Private Placement Annuity (PPA), the firm that supports you must be one you trust implicitly. It’s a business where every detail must be tended to with care. The team at Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC, or PrivateRisk, have made it their business to be exceptional, an achievement acknowledged as they receive the award for Best Independent PPLI Solutions Provider 2020 – New York in this year’s Global Excellence Awards.

Life insurance is an industry that has evolved slowly, but dramatically over the last two hundred years. Much of these changes have come from clients of a high net worth needing more creative solutions and these changes are often swiftly adopted by the industry at large. This means that there are two sorts of life insurer. Those who adopt the changes that work best, and those who innovate constantly to create something new.

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