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Private Risk Capital is a private placement life insurance (PPLI) consulting firm.

The ocean’s ebb and flow have long mirrored humanity’s fortunes—offering pathways to wealth and peril in equal measure.

In the realm of business, this vast sea symbolizes the dual nature of opportunity and risk, beckoning the bold to navigate its unpredictable currents.

The choice is ours: to be adrift in uncertainty and concede to tidal currents, or steer with resolve, guided by intellect and unwavering intent. Our approach to these tumultuous waters not only shapes our destiny but also reflects the essence of who we are.

This is a time of incredible opportunity in which affluent citizens are blessed with an abundance of independence and the freedom to discover and experience all that the world can offer.

Our socioeconomic model has truly evolved into one of global proportions and global opportunity.

As we form new understandings, we recognize that there is a vast array of possibilities for the making of investments across a spectrum which extends far beyond that which what have previously imagined.

Yet still, I am reminded of Plato’s seventh book of The Republic where a group of men are bound in the depths of a dark cavern. They see shadows projected upon a wall by a fire behind them. 

Bound by their limited experience, they believe the shadows are real. As one might guess, a man escapes from the pit to discover sunlight and a world of opportunities that were previously unfathomable.

Wealth planning today draws similar parallels. Investors believe that they have near unlimited capability and opportunity. While our clients are economically successful, prior to working with us they were unaware of the opportunity and possibilities afforded by Bespoke Private Placement Life Insurance (“BPPLI”). This lack of awareness has been freighted with heavy consequences as investors unknowingly pay higher levels of tax and are exposed to greater levels of risk.

Wealth-holders tolerate this mediocrity of performance because they cannot intuit an alternative within which a more transparent environment for investment can occur.

But somebody else can. 

Our team of renowned professionals has substantial experiential knowledge, and through it, the visionary clarity to understand the realm of possibilities that exist through Bespoke Private Placement Life Insurance planning. 

There are very few advisors holding a deep acumen in this space. And of those that do, none but us have combined the requisite elements of planning, legal, policy design, reinsurance design and financing into a singular focus. You will find that our solutions can move your economic needle, and significantly so. But what’s more important than enhanced wealth is the joy of a life well lived and increased heartsease that springs from it.

We look forward to taking this journey of understanding with you,

Bradley A. Barros

President & CEO