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Our Story

Private Risk Capital Development Advisors, LLC (PrivateRisk) is an independent consulting firm specializing in the design, formation, and long-term support of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) and Private Placement Annuity based solutions. We work as a direct resource to counsel, supporting their clients.

We come together as a team of independent experts specializing in tax, insurance and asset protection law, private equity formation, actuarial science, accounting, risk management and regulatory oversight. Collectively, we have helped clients protect billions of dollars of wealth in the US and around the world through private-placement insurance-based structures.

Clients include family offices, hedge fund owners, tech start-ups, private equity funds, entrepreneurs, publicly traded REIT’s, regional and national real estate operators, professional athletes, musicians, artists, hospitals and medical centers, and other wealth holders in the US and across the globe.

The advanced PPLI and PPVA solutions developed by counsel have been hailed as “uniquely innovative” in the ways they help build and protect wealth, while all the while being rigorously steeped in their adherence to the United States Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”), the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”), and rulings from the United States Treasury Department.

Our client’s plans incorporate flexibility and insurance protection with a focus on a level of efficiency and cost savings that cannot otherwise be achieved through traditional planning alone.

The evolution of life insurance policy design

Over the last 200+ years the life insurance industry has slowly evolved. Many of the most impactful and creative changes have occurred in designing solutions for ultra-high net worth clients. Even so, most practitioners in the space replicate what they have learned from others.

And then there are those who have succeeded in creating something unique.

Today, PrivateRisk works with attorneys who develop customized PPLI and PPA policies for families of extraordinary wealth and has also developed methodologies that enable affluent families to enjoy similar benefits. This uniquely positions us to serve a wide range of clients seeking customized Private Placement Life insurance and Private Placement Annuity policies.


While we work closely with our client’s advisors in integrating our solutions, we fundamentally differ from financial planning, brokerage and insurance sales organizations in the way we work and how we are compensated.

We do not compete with our clients’ trusted advisors. Rather, we work with their existing team of professionals to construct the optimal outcome for each given situation.

Rather than competing over a client’s resources, we elect to not invest or custody their funds. Our focus is consultative in order to protect and amplify the capabilities of our clients and their wealth management team. As the old adage from BASF goes, “we don’t make the colors, we make the colors brighter”.

Self dependence is our strength

We are not beholden to any insurance companies and are not insurance brokers. This allows us to avoid the bias and inherent contradiction of competing compensation methodologies.

We do not manage assets, and do not accept commission from brokers on investments sold to clients’ PPLI policies.

Purposeful plan design

Each aspect and component of a bespoke PPLI structure is carefully considered. Nothing is arbitrary. The attorneys with whom we support are not myopic in their vision.

When PrivateRisk tackles a new challenge, such as a client’s urgent need of capital, or meeting their charitable objectives through use of S-Corporation stock when past advisors didn’t think it possible, or obtaining insurance protection for the traditionally uninsurable – our team often succeeds because of its intensive experiential knowledge in all aspects of advanced PPLI planning.

Success occurs through teamwork and vision of subject matter experts holding diverse backgrounds. The end result is a comprehensive solution bearing all the hallmarks professionalism.

Quality is key

Clients often tell their advisors that their current planning or strategy is “ok”, but they are search of something “better”. Our response? Simply “better” results are insufficient. Our objective is to support client’s counsel and achieve outstanding results.  

In order to optimize case design and functionality, years have been devoted by our team members to understand the implications of the United States Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Months are invested in calculating the repercussions and opportunities that can be gleaned from the case law and Internal Revenue Service pronouncements as they evolve. Weeks are spent carefully curating insurance and reinsurance underwriting, analyzing premium financing options and supporting documents to achieve truly bespoke design, and days go into integrating client’s private placement solutions in concert with their trusted advisors.

Given our founder’s exigency for perfection, and because the requests we have for assistance would leave us heavily oversubscribed without substantial barriers to entry, we get to select which candidates we undertake as clients.

A resource for counsel

Wealth holders often face complex planning challenges. We only work for counsel and often assist them by formulating and testing multiple alternatives so that they can develop the solution that works best for their clients. We are honored to be sought out for our expertise by leading professional advisors around the world.